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Since our inception, we have prided ourselves on delivering the highest quality products. Whether it is a hand-brewed coffee or a homemade mocha, we want you to leave knowing you had an exemplary drink. All of the coffees we offer are hand selected from award winning roasters across the U.S.  We then carefully determine the best method of hand-brewing the coffee to provide our customers with the greatest cup they could possibly encounter.

We strive to provide the best single origin, lightly roasted coffees as well as education and insight into the world of specialty coffee. We grind and hand-brew all of our coffees to order to ensure quality and freshness.

As a multi-roaster cafe, our coffees are sourced from exceptional roasters from St. Louis and across the country including Blueprint (St. Louis), Kuma Coffee (Seattle), Ruby Roasters (Wisconsin), and Sump Coffee (St. Louis).

Coffee availability will change based on our barista’s inspiration!

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Drinking Chocolate

Current flavors include: Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate caramel, White chocolate

Chai Tea Latte

Ozark Mountain milk and chai concentrate from Kilogram Tea in Chicago, IL

Dirty Chai

Our chai tea latte with a shot of espresso (tastes like a ginger snap cookie)