VB Chocolate Bar
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Ice cream

All of our craft ice cream is made in-house, and we don’t take shortcuts with our flavors. When we make a “coffee bourbon” ice cream, we blend coffee into the cream with real bourbon. All of our mix-ins are handmade, too. We mean it when we say our ice cream is “craft.” It’s dense, it’s rich, and it’s delicious. 



Our chocolate Martini's have kept us open since the beginning. They are still our number-one seller. We have about ten iterations available at a time that our staff perfects, and then we rotate them when it’s time freshen things up. Our chocolatier makes our unique martini base with heavy whipping cream, whole milk, and melted single-origin chocolate. No syrups needed. From the classic dark chocolate martini to the salted-caramel pretzel martini, we’re sure you will find one you’ll love.